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Ericsson Mediaroom is an innovative and forward thinking IPTV platform. Don't know what that means? I didn't either until I worked on this project. Let's start with the basics:

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a relatively new and still evolving technology. Basically, it means that TV, PC, and wireless devices can be integrated to all work together through two-way interactivity (versus a traditional, one-way cable or satellite broadcast network), giving the user more control and personalization.

Mediaroom is a customizable middleware platform that is used to distribute IPTV to 11 million households, and is delivered by over 50 global operators such as AT&T, Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica. 

We were briefed with creating a fully functional prototype that reflected the advanced technology behind the service while maintaining the user flow simple, fluid, and streamlined. This prototype is currently being used to show the global operators that hire Mediaroom all that this platform is capable of doing. We were in charge of the entire UX and visual experience, as well as back end coding and testing. Below are a few videos highlighting some of the key features in the prototype.

DEMO 1: Launch - Browsing for content - Choosing shows - Multiview - Multi-user - Hyper-target ads

DEMO 2: Blended On Now guide - Voice Search - Showing search results on tablet

DEMO 3: Opening iPad to search results - Choosing a new show - Flicking show to TV

DEMO 4: TV receives flicked show - Voice navigation to TV Listings - Personal cooking channel - Voice command to skip current show - List of shows to replace in the queue

DEMO 5: Watching the same show again on iPad - Playing Netflix show on iPad from main menu - Pausing show on iPad

DEMO 6: Previous channel still playing on TV - Choosing 'Continue Watching - Show resumes from where it picked up

DEMO 7: iPhone experience